Yesterday I posted an animated cartoon that blog friend Lauren made of a conversation she had here with pro-abort Kat.

Lauren didn’t stop with Kat. She has also animated a conversation she had with pro-abort Elsa on the “Stanek weekend question: Have you ever been pro-choice?” post. People not involved in the pro-life movement will likely find these animations ridiculous and unbelievable. Pro-lifers like me find them tragically comedic, because we’ve all had the very same  nonsensical conversations with pro-aborts several times over…. Elsa by p7446

Actual excerpted comments:

Elsa: I believe that abortion ends the liminal state of pregnancy. I believe it puts an end to the potential of life. That is indeed tragic for me to think about. There is so much potential in every human life…. I do not believe that early abortions (which make up the vast percentage of abortions that are performed in the United States) kill a baby. If I believed that, I would be pro-life….

Elsa: As I said before, I believe in liminality. I believe we can be in more than one place at once. I believe we can be both alive and not alive, good and not good, alone and not alone. A good example of this paradox is the Trinity, which allows us to believe that Christ is both God and man at once. Do I believe that abortion kills a living human being? Yes. Do I believe that is the same thing as murdering someone? No. You can call it irrational; I call it making sense of the human experience.

Lauren: No, Elsa, I call it using flowery language to justify supporting killing another human being. You have made sense of nothing. You have simply introduced a calming lie into your life in order to quiet the uncomfortable reality that many wome, your friends included, have killed their own children…. I’ll give you one thing, Elsa, you have made an original claim. I’ve heard the “potential life” line before, but never with such flourish.

Elsa: What can I say? I’m a writer. I revel in the greyness of life.

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