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  • The latest results from Gallup show that for the first time in 2 years, the percentage saying they are “pro-choice” was greater than those saying they were “pro-life.”

    However, 51% of Americans view abortion as morally wrong and 61% of Americans think abortion should be legal in either no or only in a few circumstances. Interestingly, 18-34s were the likeliest group to describe abortion as morally wrong and think abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. They were also the group that most likely felt abortion should be legal in all circumstances.

  • LifeNews just noticed this information in a Telegraph story from April about President Barack Obama’s father:Mr. Obama Sr. and Miss Dunham divorced in January 1964, by which time he had left Hawaii and was studying for a PhD in Economics at Harvard. 

    The file said 2 months later, concerns were raised over Mr. Obama Sr.’s relationship with a Kenyan high-school student on an exchange scheme in nearby Boston, who abruptly travelled to England.

    “The suspicion exists,” the March 1964 document said, “that she may have gone to London for [redacted]”. It is unclear what the next word is. At the time, abortions were illegal in the US.

  • The New York Times notes how the Obama administration isn’t pleased with Indiana’s law defunding Planned Parenthood and are trying to decide how to proceed:The changes in Indiana are subject to federal review and approval, and administration officials have made it clear they will not approve the changes in the form adopted by the state. Federal officials have 90 days to act but may feel pressure to act sooner because Indiana is already enforcing its law, which took effect on May 10, and because legislators in other states are working on similar measures.
  • Apparently, a bunch of big-league pitchers want the same adult stem cell procedure Bartolo Colon received.
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