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  • Pro-Life Action League reports cancer researcher Dr. Chris Kahlenborn presented Johnson & Johnson’s apparently unconcerned shareholders with research about the link between the Pill (such as J&J’s Ortho Tri-cyclen and Ortho-Evra) and an increased risk of breast cancer.

  • Stacy at Accepting Abundance posts an incredible email exchange she had with a biology author who decided to wax philosophical in one of his latest science texts on the biological beginnings of human life. A must-read.
  • Live Action links to an article showing the Obama administration allowed the elimination of $600M for community health centers (which actually do provide mammograms for those in need) in favor of keeping funding for political donor Planned Parenthood intact.
  • Lisa Graas notes during a recent faculty senate meeting at Notre Dame, a resolution committing the University to the sanctity of human life failed. Another sad day for ND.
  • The Culture Vulture reports Costa Rica (which is overwhelmingly Catholic) may become subject to human rights violations if it refuses to legalize IVF.
  • An update from Timmerie’s Blog regarding a previous (Prolifer)ations post: It turns out that an onlooker who kicked in the Survivors pro-life booth at San Diego’s Earth Day festival became upset because his wife had experienced a late-term miscarriage. The man has since apologized to the group.
  • MN Citizens Concerned for Life notes Jonathan Slack, director of the Stem Cell Institute at the University of Minnesota, has audaciously claimed, “It isn’t the business of legislators to decide what researchers can do.”
  • Ethika Politika discusses the “faith v. reason” aspect of the stem cell debate.
  • Abby Johnson shares the story of a young lady who saw her on TV and was inspired to go public with her own personal testimony about abortion.
  • FRC Blog reports that despite the recent press conference by the National Bureau of Statistics in China stating their fertility rate is dangerously low, President Hu Jintao reiterated that the country will “stick to and improve its current family-planning policy and maintain a low birth rate.”

    All Girls Allowed, which assists mothers pressured to abort their baby girls, has produced this video of one brave Chinese mother who fought for her daughter’s life. Please consider supporting this organization:


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