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  • Americans United for Life unveils the Bronx Planned Parenthood’s way of bilking chemical abortion patients – ignore FDA protocol for the drug and force patients to agree beforehand to obtain surgical abortions at the facility if RU-486 fails.

  • Timmerie updates readers on a woman who changed her mind after starting an RU-486 abortion.
  • Bryan Kemper, who is now working with Priests for Life, notes the public’s apparent mental disconnect between abortion and the Casey Anthony trial.
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin reveals a new statutory rape ad campaign undertaken by Planned Parenthood WI in partnership with the United Way.
  • ProWomanProLife wonders what the sex ratios will be in Canada if sex-selection abortion is allowed to continue there.
  • At the Pro-Life Action League, John Jansen hypothesizes why the new Millennials are pro-life despite having secular views on a range of other social issues.
  • Parenting Freedom discusses Sarah Palin’s e-mail letter to her family, written before the birth of son Trig, who has Down Syndrome. Instead of discovering “dirt” on Palin, the MSM found evidence of a loving, compassionate person.
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