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  • OH Gov. John Kasich has signed a post-viability abortion ban:

    HB 78 bans abortions when a doctor determines a fetus can live outside the womb – a condition known as viability, which is typically when a pregnancy is 23 to 24 weeks along. Doctors would be required to test for viability when a woman is 20 weeks pregnant or more.

    The law will take effect after 90 days.

    Here’s the text of the bill.

  • Planned Parenthood may be prevented from opening a clinic in California because they don’t have enough parking spaces:

    The city’s planning department notified Planned Parenthood… that a permit issued May 20 allowing it to operate the clinic… has been amended.

    As a result, the women’s healthcare provider now must produce a letter from Enterprise Rent-A-Car confirming that its car rental business across the street from the proposed clinic will provide it with 9 parking spots. PP needs those spaces because the city has required it to come up with at least 27 parking spots for patients and staff. The clinic site can accommodate only 18 spaces.

    … [A]fter the use permit was approved, PP informed the city Enterprise might try to pull out of the agreement.

    Lupe Rodriguez, a PP spokeswoman, confirmed that the rental car chain had expressed “second thoughts” about making 9 spaces available. Rodriguez said she doesn’t know why Enterprise might try to renege from its legally binding contract with PP….

    Belmont resident Ross Foti, known for protesting outside abortion clinics with graphic pictures of fetuses, offered an explanation. He said abortion foes have approached the company and threatened to picket its El Camino Real location if it delivers the parking….

    I guess PP’s Rodriguez has never thought about how protesters could possibly affect Enterprise’s business.

  • The Kansas City Star has an update on Phill Kline’s ethics trial:

    Stephanie Hensel, the presiding juror, testified Tuesday about its investigation into whether the clinic had failed to report sexual abuse of children as required by Kansas law. She said Kline and his subordinates provided incomplete and misleading information about state law, prompting the grand jury to issue a subpoena for Planned Parenthood records. The grand jury eventually withdrew it and never issued an indictment….

    In comments to reporters during a break, Kline said he and his staff provided an accurate summary of the law. His attorneys later produced a transcript from a December 2007 grand jury meeting with comments from Kline to the grand jury that were more nuanced than in Hensel’s account.

    And Kline told reporters that Hensel and other grand jurors were confused by attorneys the grand jury had retained to help it.

  • The Justice Department has sued another pro-life protester under the FACE Act:

    According to the federal complaint, Maryland resident Richard Retta has violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act by intimidating and interfering with patients for more than a decade.

    The complaint seems pretty weak. There is one claim that he physically obstructed a woman from entering an abortion clinic. Besides that we’re told he walks closely to women and one time stepped on a woman’s shoe.

[Kline photo via the Kansas City Star]

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