Sergei: Jeanette, I thank you so much from bottom of heart.

Jeanette: You’re welcome.

Sergei: … You know, it’s not like this in Russia, no government employee ever help you. It’s difficult. But thanks to hope and change finally I can get Medicaid. A drug, Russian drug dealer can get Medicaid and abortion for his sisters and cousins. And it… thank you so much.

Jeanette: You’re welcome, sir.

~ “Sergei Ivanovich” posing as a Russian drug dealer in a phone conversation with an OH Medicaid rep who provided him with Planned Parenthood information for his underage sex workers. This is part of an independent undercover investigation of Medicaid fraud in OH by controversial investigative journalist James O’Keefe, Project Veritas, July 18

Discussion begins at 5:04

[HT: Hot Air]

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