Forget the moral rights and wrongs. Forget, too, talk of a woman’s right vs a baby’s right. Britons should see abortion as a consumer issue….

Until now, organisations that provide terminations were allowed to counsel women who sought advice before their abortion. These organisations are sometimes called “abortion charities”, because they offer women abortions free of charge through the NHS. But despite their “charity” status these are private providers who get £60 million a year from the Department of Health for their services. Given their vested interest in the procedure, you can imagine the advice they were giving the woman seeking counsel: go for it, girl. Or rather, get rid of it, girl.

Had this been the situation in any other section of the market, consumer groups would have been up in arms long ago….

A business that stands to gain from a procedure… cannot provide independent counsel to those contemplating the procedure. That’s not judgmental moralising, just good economics.

~ Author and broadcaster Christina Odone, The Telegraph, August 29

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