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  • Secular ProLife writes an insightful post on the apparent “cognitive dissonance” suffered by pro-choicers when it comes to the selective reduction (abortion) of one or more children in a multiples pregnancy.

  • ProWomanProLife’s Jennifer Derwey shares the thoughts of former Planned Parenthood director Norman Fleishman, who believes overpopulation is the scourge of the earth. He applauds the Obama administration’s decision to mandate free birth control, even voicing approval of China’s one-child policy, predicting doom for the US if we do less – disregarding the demographic winter currently suffered by many countries. Derwey states:As much as I dislike hearing that women ought to have children for the sake of their country, I also dislike hearing that women ought not have children for the sake of their country. Both statements treat women as commodities, and both are false claims.

  • Pro-Life Action League tells the heartwarming and sad story of 17-month-old Kameron and Kaydon Hayes (pictured left), conjoined twins who passed away this month. Doctors recommended abortion to mother Brianna Manns, but she refused, saying, “They are my babies. I had the feelings that any mother would have…. I wanted my children to experience life to the fullest, to whatever extent that it might be.” 

    Some say the price is too high for the family and for society, but how much do we value life and who decides which lives are expendable?

  • Suzy B posts about Kenneth Cole’s “shameless” use of social media to push his views on abortion and sell his clothes at the same time.
  • LaShawn Barber reviews Dawn Eden’s book, The Thrill of the Chaste, in which Eden explains how “our casual sex culture encourages singles to view one another as commodities.” Eden also shares her live-and-learn experiences in the book, admitting, “[T]he same armor that enabled me to tolerate casual sex made me less attractive to the kind of man I most desired.”
  • Stand for Life compiles a series of 13 unedited 911 calls from 2 New Mexico abortion clinics over a 30 month period. What is most striking is the flippant, careless demeanor of the workers requesting emergency assistance:


  • ProLife NZ describes the history of the Hippocratic oath and how it has changed over time. Interestingly, this ethical code came into common use in the US following WWII when the brutality of the Nazi regime’s “applied biology” – forced sterilization and euthanasia – were exposed for the world to see.
  • Timmerie’s blog proves the dog days of summer aren’t keeping pro-life youth indoors. Check out a pro-life flash mob performed at Griffith Park in Hollywood and at Santa Monica Pier:


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