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  • Right to Life of Michigan highlights the Department of Justice’s charges against a 79-year-old sidewalk counselor in Washington, D.C. for offering life-affirming alternatives to abortion clients on a public sidewalk. This case shows the Obama administration’s disregard for free speech and total allegiance to the abortion industry.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin reports the state’s largest public university has selected former Planned Parenthood official, Lorraine Lathen, to co-manage a $10M fund to help lower instances of African-American infant mortality. Sources omitted this point from the article lauding her accomplishments. Talk about a disconnect.

  • ProLife NZ has a piece on Alberto Costa, a physician and neuroscientist at the University of Colorado-Denver School of Medicine, whose research has the potential to help individuals like his daughter, Tyche (pictured left with Costa), who has Down syndrome. He says looking for ways to help those with Ds is like racing against those who seek to “eliminate” Ds by aborting those who have it. He laments the lack of funding for research into actual treatments for Ds, because “[t]he geneticists expect Down syndrome to disappear… so why fund treatments?”

    Kill instead of cure seems to be the direction of the prenatal testing blitz.

  • The Life Training Institute blog shares the conversion story of the formerly pro-abortion atheist blogger, “Raving Atheist,” who had a change of perspective due in part to a “serendipitous” meeting with a pro-life blogger who gave a reasoned defense of life.
  • Vital Signs demonstrates how to write a factual and firm but non-offensive letter to a business supporting Planned Parenthood.
  • Kelsey at Secular ProLife gets to the heart of the matter regarding a University of Miami football scandal in which recruitment funds were egregiously misused – in one case, to pay for a woman’s abortion. This “forgotten child,” is treated almost as a footnote in all the news articles on this scandal.
  • Suzy B has stunning pictures of the World Youth Day in Madrid, which attracted over a million pro-lifers. Live Action’s Lila Rose was a guest speaker at the event.
  • John Smeaton shares this hard-hitting video from the Madrid World Youth Day in which Michael Voris of blasts Catholic politicians who support abortion:


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