… [P]roviding abortions is part of the mission of Planned Parenthood, and they do make it a priority. It’s a necessary service, after all. I think some times that point gets lost in all the discussion of the 97% of their services that aren’t abortion.

The other reason I suspect these regulations would harm PP’s ability to keep as many clinics open to offer non-abortion services as they currently do is that a complete shut-down of abortion services would create a cash flow problem for them. Abortions are 3% of the actual services Planned Parenthood provides, but they constitute a larger chunk of their income, around 15% nationally. Which makes sense; abortions simply cost more than Pap smears and birth control pills, and Planned Parenthood provides a huge chunk of all the abortions in the country….

~ Pro-abortion blogger Amanda Marcotte (pictured), commenting on Virginia’s new regulations on abortion clinics in the state, Slate, September 16

[HT: Lisa Graas at Live Action]

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