I posted a story and video last week about a mostly white Georgia State University pro-abortion protest group shouting down a black woman at a pro-life event with the ironic words, “Trust black women!”

Now an attorney for the students – who took it upon themselves to organize a public protest at a public university – has ordered Ryan Bomberger of TooManyAborted.com to “cease and desist” – take that video down. Click to enlarge…

What’s the problem? Are not these students proud of their stance?

Ryan responded in an email:

The footage was recorded by both CampusReform.org and me. The activists also intended on recording the entire scene as one of their members recorded this on her cell phone the entire time.

We do not intend on removing this video – a public university, a public forum….

Indeed, a student from the pro-abortion protest group can be seen videotaping with an orange cell phone throughout the protest – including the black woman trying to speak. Good for Ryan. They’re typical bullies – big mouths until publicity hits.

In case you missed the video in question the first time, here ’tis again…


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