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  • The Shelby County Commission in Tennessee has voted 6-4 to defer the decision to defund Planned Parenthood. Basically, the Democrats on the commission want to give Planned Parenthood funding despite Christ Community Health Center scoring higher on a checklist of service-related criteria.

  • Gender Across Borders has a series entitled “Tsk Tsk: Stigma, Shame, and Sexuality Series” in which a variety of writers discuss various feminist issues. The couple of posts I read had the following interesting quotes:

    Lindsay Smith, in “Oh, the Things These Socks Have Seen,” discusses the reactions of her pro-choice friends to her having a second trimester abortion which was also her second abortion:

    I have also been met with admonition upon disclosing that I was in my second trimester when I decided to have my second procedure. It’s dismaying to learn that some of the most “dedicated” pro-choice supporters still subscribe to the idea that more than one abortion is irresponsible and that anything later than 6 weeks is cruel.

    Paige Johnson, Vice President for Public Policy at Planned Parenthood Central North Carolina (pictured left with PP president Cecile Richards), in “Abortion, Small Towns, and Young Lives”, describes abortion by saying:

    Abortion is a life-giving, life-saving, dream-granting, mistake-forgiving medical procedure. No one likes being told what they should be grateful for but I don’t know anything more life-changing or central as the right to decide when to have a child.

  • Robin Marty may have not fully comprehended this quote from an article she linked to about a mother with two uteruses:

    The biology is routine: Egg plus sperm equals baby.

    Whoops. You don’t want that kind of biology info on the RH Reality Check web site, do ya?

  • Police in Spokane have served a warrant to Planned Parenthood for the remains of an unborn child aborted at their facility:

    Police records say a 15-year-old girl became pregnant by a 21-year-old man in early August.

    When her parents learned about the pregnancy from her school at the end of that month they took the teenager to Planned Parenthood….

    According to detectives, if they pull the DNA they can match it to prove paternity, and prove the allegation of third degree rape of a child.

    DNA testing can take several weeks and will likely be done with the help of the medical examiners office and the Washington State Crime Lab.

    It’s unclear who initially reported the alleged rape, but both schools and Planned Parenthood have to follow reporting laws.

    $5 dollars says it wasn’t PP who reported the alleged rape.

[Photo via plannedparenthood.org]

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