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  • Bills to ban partial-birth abortion in Michigan will soon be signed by Governor Snyder. The most noteworthy part of this article is that the reporter actually describes partial-birth abortion. How often does that happen?

  • Mexico’s Supreme Court upheld its northwestern state Baja California’s abortion law:

    After three days of debate, the justices opposing the measure fell one vote short of the eight needed to declare the legislation unconstitutional.

    The state law establishes an obligation to protect life from the moment of conception and treats unborn children as persons.

  • One of the Thai morgue workers who hid the remains of aborted children has been sentenced to 3 years in jail.

  • An online Vancouver news source reports on Canadian abortion advocate Joyce Arthur’s opposition to laws prohibiting prostitution:

    “I saw a lot of parallels between the abortion issue and the sex-work issue,” Arthur [pictured left] explained, quickly adding that it’s not a “perfect” comparison.

    First off, she said, sex work and abortion involve women having control over their bodies, rather than letting the state interfere with their choices. Both issues are linked in their own way to sexual expression. In addition, she noted that nobody likes to have an abortion. And many people also don’t like the existence of the sex trade.

[Photo via straight.com]

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