Politico posted an interested article and video on September 16 entitled, “PETA’s PR prowess.”

Whether or not we agree with the ideologies of special interest groups, there is always something helpful to be learned from them. From the piece (warning, the first 2 links are risqué):

In recent years, PETA has become the master of the photo op and press release. It’s hard to ignore Playboy playmates in skimpy lettuce lingerie handing out veggie hot dogs on Capitol Hill. Or PETA volunteers dressed as chickens outside the White House giving away vegan cupcakes. Or a press release urging President Barack Obama to install fly traps in the White House after he swatted – and killed – an insect during a televised interview.

The roster is long and varied. Just this past summer, PETA held more than 240 outreach events.

“I think you want people to look at something and smile, or you want to have them look at something and be really moved,” said PETA co-founder and President Ingrid Newkirk. “I don’t think you need a couple of hundred people on the street or a giant march every day, but you do need to reach people every day. So we’ve come up with gimmicks and strategies, and we don’t mind making fun of ourselves.”

In the story’s related video, the interviewer noted PETA does not shy away from “us[ing] more graphic displays, too.”

Granted, pro-lifers will find no correlative strategy for PETA’s “Lettuce Ladies,” but is there anything for us to learn from PETA’s success in Washington?

[Photo via UPI.com]

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