For the first time I can think of, pro-lifers are divided into three camps on a pro-life bill. Usually it’s just two, which is bad enough.

I wrote on September 14 that both Ohio Right to Life and the Personhood people were actively opposing the Ohio Heartbeat Bill, which would ban abortion in Ohio from the time a baby’s heartbeat is detectable – at the age of  six weeks at the earliest.

Meanwhile, an impressive list of 500 pro-life leaders and pro-life groups – including many OHRTL affiliates – have come out in support of the bill, most notably Dr. James Dobson and Dr. Jack Willke.

Well, I just read a September 28 WOUB News article that is just ridiculous, disgusting even. What’s wrong with this picture? Excerpts:

The disagreement within the movement caused Right to Life’s founding father to resign from the Ohio board in protest because he said Mike Gonidakis, executive director of the state organization, would not back the heartbeat bill….

“I don’t know any other state where there’s such a division between the formal leadership and its troops,” said Dr. Jack Willke of Cincinnati, founder of National and Ohio Right to Life and current president of International Right to Life.

“His judgment is simply wrong,” Willke said, referring to Gonidakis.

But Gonidakis said it was a board decision to not back the bill because of the legal ramifications.

“Timing is everything,” Gonidakis said. “I don’t want to get set back 100 years because we pushed too hard to take down (Roe v. Wade).”…

Willke said most Ohio chapters are on board with the heartbeat bill, despite the state chapter’s position….

Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, said the heartbeat bill is not the right approach.

“It does nothing to prevent unintended pregnancy,” Copeland said. “Why don’t we use things we know work, like sex education? Making abortion illegal will force women into bad situations.”

Gary Dougherty, state legislative director for Planned Parenthood, agrees that the bill would be detrimental to women.

“Rape victims are going to be ignored, victims of incest are going to be ignored, those who have health implications are going to be ignored … the effect will be felt the greatest by women in need of abortion care,” Dougherty said….

Dr. Patrick Johnston…  who is leading efforts in Ohio to put the personhood amendment on the ballot… refuses to support the heartbeat bill because he said it regulates the killing of fetuses and allows too many abortions: for rape, incest and health of the mother.

“By allowing innocent people to die, we are saying they don’t deserve liberty,” Johnston said. “ So many pro-lifers are OK with regulating abortion. Government shouldn’t deprive people of the right to life, liberty.”

A basic rule of thumb for pro-lifers: Don’t sit in the same foxhole as the pro-aborts.


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