Pro-life people should actually be calling themselves “anti-choice.” Most of them probably aren’t educated of the pre-Roe v. Wade realities of abortion or birth control; they simply resort to publicity stunts hinging upon the power of guilt.

Scare tactics seem to work well for the pro-life bandwagon. During my undergraduate career at the University of Tennessee, pro-lifers frequented the campus with giant posters of aborted fetuses painted across them, displaying the by-product of abortions. Each poster had pieces of baby fetuses lying across the face of dimes, pennies and nickels.

What disturbed me the most about the pictures was the thought of the pro-life photographer who was manipulating theses tiny fetuses, contorting them across the coin faces….

Think past the fetus and consider the systemic issues of children living in poverty, think of the women who died unnecessary, bloody and painful deaths. Pro-choice is not an immoral stance, it is a stance, which holistically considers multiple layers of moral decisions and the impact they have on others. People will find a way to have abortions whether or not you ban them, but that does not mean they will be safe.

~ Elliott DeVore, Iowa State Daily, October 4

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