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  • Here’s some horrid humor from the Abortioneers blog as Desembarazarme discusses how she joked about the possibility of aborting her friend’s planned pregnancy:

    Her pregnancy was incredibly planned, and I knew it was in the works. When she disclosed her expectant status, I screamed and hugged her, and she told me, “I’m scared. I’m not sure I’m 100% happy.” And I hugged her again and made a bad joke about how she has until the third trimester to change her mind (she smiled), and I told her I understand, because I do.I guess if your job is helping to kill unborn human beings, you’d find it funny to joke about the possibility of aborting your friend’s child.

  • The New York Times has published an editorial by Katie Stack (pictured left), attacking crisis pregnancy centers. Stack is an abortion proponent who was one of the two post-abortive women who appeared with Markai Durham in a post-interview segment of MTV’s No Easy Decision special. Stack was the woman who began crying after explaining how she went to a hotel after her abortion so she wouldn’t have to go home and see her sister’s baby. During the special, she said acknowledged her child as “a baby” and saw her decision to abort as a “parenting choice.”The editorial has the kind of reasoning I used in junior high (“me and my friends all think it’s true, therefore it must be true”):Since then I’ve talked with dozens of women, including my best friend and my younger sister, about their own experiences with these centers. Regardless of our views on abortion, our conclusion about crisis pregnancy centers is the same — they don’t help women.
  • Justice for All is displaying graphic images of abortions at the University of Colorado-Boulder. The ignorance of pro-choice students who were interviewed or who’ve commented on the article is saddening:“I feel like this is incredibly disrespectful,” she said of the display.(Elena) Schmeising said the gruesome images were a flawed argument because partial-birth abortion is already illegal. She also said the group was deploying scare tactics and said she worried that it could be upsetting to young women who were considering abortions or have had the procedure.

    Apparently, Elena is so ignorant of abortion techniques she thinks all of the photos used by Justice for All are of children aborted by partial-birth abortion. She also accuses pro-lifers of scare tactics for showing images of something which is happening on a daily basis while the group of counter demonstrators she joined held “posters that included warnings that outlawing abortion would lead to dangerous, back-alley procedures.”

  • Rebecca Taylor and Wesley Smith discusses the human cloning/stem cell breakthrough that wasn’t. Taylor writes:These researchers went beyond just cloning human embryos and destroying them. They intentionally created human embryos with triploidy, a genetic condition where a person has 3 copies of each of the 23 chromosomes instead of two. While triploidy is often fatal, some children with triploidy do survive to birth and beyond. I cannot emphasize this enough. These scientists intentionally created human lives that they knew would have a devastating genetic condition and then destroyed them for cells that they knew could never be used to treat anyone. This is beyond morally offensive, it is downright evil.Smith notes how the researchers had to pay women for eggs.

    Clearly, this is another case of scientists who could care less about curing disease or treating patients. They just want to be the first ones to do something and could have cared less about the morality of what they were doing or the usefulness of their experiment’s results.

[Photos via katiestack.com and advancedfertility.com]

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