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  • Remember when liberals were all up in arms about “violent” rhetoric in politics after Gabrielle Giffords was shot and six people were murdered? I specifically remember a couple of pieces at RH Reality Check on this issue. I guess that time has passed on as RHRC blogger Robin Marty seems to have no problems with Kathleen Sebelius describing the fight over Obamacare and the funding of Planned Parenthood as a “war.”

  • What happens when Plan B becomes Plan A? At XOJane, Cat Marnell (pictured left; WARNING: she discusses her sex life) reveals she is using Plan B as her primary form of birth control. Cat believes other women in New York are “abusing” Plan B as well because supposedly pharmacies all over NYC are out of it. 

    Cat also believes that abortion is murder, has had multiple abortions and thinks she has the right to murder her unborn children as long as they are in her body.

    In the comments she writes:

    In most ways I am GLAD, so much, that we can all get abortions like we can get oral surgery, and that no one pressures us to dwell upon and consider the hurt inherent in it all. only recently have I thought about them and my own experiences in a way that let them or the trauma of them matter, or register as awful physical/emotional/psychological experiences to have gone through. Traumas… if that makes sense. I definitely have let my pro-choiceness numb out my feelings.

  • In the San Francisco area, a wealthy, elderly woman named Harriett Hills Stinson (pictured left) told NARAL’s Power of Choice luncheon she had an abortion and encouraged other women to talk about their abortions. Another article from the San Mateo Times notes that her ob/gyn husband performed the illegal abortion and has this scary detail: 

    The lack of sleep from raising three young children was causing her such stress that she had the urge to act out violently toward them whenever her sleep was disrupted.

  • Politico has an article on the Protect Life Act and its upcoming vote in Congress:The bill would ban federal funding of abortions. It would also ensure that providers have protections if they believe abortions violate their consciences and prohibit the tax subsidies in the health reform law from going toward a health plan that includes coverage of abortions except in cases of rape or incest or for the safety of the mother.

    Planned Parenthood warns that the bill could allow hospitals to refuse to treat a patient whose life depends on having an abortion. The group argues that a hospital would be able to use the bill’s conscience clause to escape the federal law — the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act — that requires hospitals to treat all patients.

    It’s a theory that the bill’s backers call “preposterous” — arguing that health care providers would never refuse to do what’s needed to save a patient’s life. Andrew Wimer, a Pitts spokesman, says Catholic hospitals let their doctors perform emergency procedures even if they could cause the death of an unborn child.

    One would think that honest pro-choicers would eventually catch on to these kind of outlandish scare tactics.

    President Obama has threatened to veto the bill.

[Marnell photo via xojane.com; Stinson photo via prochoiceamerica.org]

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