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  • A UK woman is claiming she overheard her husband on the phone telling a friend that he had drugged her with an abortion pill. The drugging apparently led her to miscarry and have an emergency trip to the hospital.
  • Kelcie McCrae, the editor-in-chief at North Carolina A & T’s paper is opposed to North Carolina’s ultrasound viewing law:

    Having an abortion was one of the hardest things one of my closest friends has ever done, and to imagine looking at the ultrasound moments before the procedure, according to her, would have been unbearable.

    Why would it have been unbearable? If a fetus isn’t a human being and killing one should be legal then why would it be so hard to view an image of one?

  • A maid in the United Arab Emirates has been charged with premeditated murder after having an abortion and then waiting 10 hours for the child to die.
  • The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference is attempting to get their state health department to look into the discrepancy in abortion reporting. The state received 14,442 abortion reports in 2008 while a survey by the Guttmacher Institute has 17,030 abortions reported in 2008 after surveying abortion providers.

  • The Williamette Week has an interview with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards (pictured left). There was one question which wasn’t a toss-up:

    In the efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, a lot was made of your salary—close to $400,000 per year. PP declined to comment on it. Why?

    [Richards:] It’s public record. It always has been. I work hard for my salary, and I think that’s a red herring. Planned Parenthood is the most cost-effective provider of family planning services in this country. The far right has done everything they can to undermine us and to create non-issues, which I think that is.

  • A Chinese man attempted to sue his wife for “violating his reproductive rights” after she had an abortion without his consent:

    Liu Gang, 34, divorced his wife and demanded 30,000 yuan in psychological compensation after his partner Li Fenfen, 31, terminated her pregnancy in favor of a job promotion….

    After several rounds of futile mediation, the couple was granted a divorce. But Liu’s demand for psychological compensation was thrown out by the judge as China’s marriage law stipulates that wives own the right to terminate a pregnancy.

  • [Richards photo via Williamette Week]

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