Several weeks ago pro-lifers in Altamonte Springs, FL, noticed that when the All Women’s Health Center abortion clinic’s parking lot was full, deathscorts were directing cars to park at the Altamonte Springs Public Library 2-1/2 blocks away. Read more of the backstory here.

After receiving no satisfaction from city hall, Michele Herzog of Pro-Life Action Ministries organized a group of pro-life citizens to attend the City Commission meeting on October 4.

Citizens complained that taxpayer funding should not underwrite abortion mill parking. They also questioned whether the city was going to enforce codes and zoning ordinances the clinic was obviously violating. Every business should allow for ample parking, for starters.

In response, City Manager Frank Martz met with pro-lifers on October 21. Although he promised nothing he said he would launch an investigation.

Yesterday Michele reported to me that since that meeting a police officer and/or code enforcement officer has been present at the mill every day it has been open, particularly during peak business hours. Pro-lifers have observed the officer(s) interviewing nearby business owners. At least one has been known to complain about much more than parking infringements on her lot as well.

Knowing it is being watched, the clinic has stopped sending cars to park at the library.

Which makes parking again a problem.

So pro-lifers have observed mill workers parking at the nearby mall and carpooling to work.

Best of all, mill business is down by half, Michele reports. (Pro-life sidewalk counselors keep a daily tally of mothers going in to abort.)

Apparently, the mill, wanting its lot to appear adequate, has curtailed abortion appointments.

Although there is no firm resolution, thanks to astute pro-lifers an abortion mill isn’t getting away with shenanigans, and lives are being saved.

Michele said pro-lifers will begin picketing the library again with graphic signs and a truth truck if for some reason the city authorizes the mill to let patients park there. But for now they’re giving city officials time and room to work through the process.

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