“We’ve come a long way in women’s health over the last few decades, but we are in a war,” [Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen] Sebelius said at a NARAL Pro-Choice America luncheon [and Obama fundraiser] attended by about 300 people….

Outside the event, a dozen anti-abortion protesters silently held large grisly signs depicting aborted fetuses, and Sebelius mentioned the demonstration in her speech.

“I know that some people were a bit appalled at walking through the demonstrators as you came to this lunch,” Sebelius said. “It is a discomfort when you’re coming to lunch, but think about the women who are trying to tap into the health services they desperately need who have to go through that kind of gantlet in order to access all-too-infrequent services….

If we can fight through the misinformation and get Americans the facts, I’m confident we can keep moving forward to a day when all American woman have access to the comprehensive health services they need and the right to make their own choices about their bodies and their own futures.”

~ Carla K. Johnson, ABC News, October 5

[Pictured are Sebelius, center, flanked by late-term abortionist (now deceased) George Tiller and his wife Jeanne, at the KS Governor’s Mansion in 2007; via douglawrence.wordpress.com]

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