As a Michigan state senator, Gary Peters was so pro-abortion he voted against the partial birth abortion ban.

His pro-death obsession extended to the other end of life.

“He was probably the senate’s most strident advocate of legalizing assisted suicide during his tenure,” Ed RivetMichigan Right to Life’s Legislative Director, told me, adding that Peters frequently authored legislation to further that agenda, particularly problematic since Michigan was where Dr. Death, Jack Kevorkian, pushed that issue beyond the legal limits.

As a now sophomore U.S. congressman, Peters has strongly maintained his radical stance, opposing any restrictions on abortion whatsoever.

On July 7 Peters went so far as to headline a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Pontiac featuring comedienne Lizz Winstead, both pictured left.

Very funny.

So why in the world Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Oak Park, MI, chose Peters to speak on the healthcare topic under the sphere of “Dignity of the Human Person” is beyond me.

But it did.

The event was publicized only a week in advance. But local pro-life Catholics were quick to jump into action. When the local parish priest wouldn’t rescind Peters’ invitation, pro-lifers appealed to the Archdiocese of Detroit. Meanwhile multiple groups, including Real Estate for Life, headed by Dave Theisen, planned a protest. Catholic media also got involved.

Finally, this past Sunday afternoon, with only 16 hours to spare, the parish buckled.

And that’s how it’s done.

There wasn’t enough time to alert all pro-life activists that the protest had been cancelled, so 40-50 still showed up. They decided to attend 9a Mass instead.

During prayer intentions, one aggravated parishioner snipped, according to Theisen, “Let us pray for Catholics that are only single issue.”

I’m sure those Catholics appreciate the prayer support.

Congressman Peters could use it as well.

[Photo of Peters and Winstead via; screen shot of event cancellation via Matthew McAuliff at]

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