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  • Phill Kline on the Sebelius/Six Shreddergate controversy in Kansas:

    If it is routine to destroy evidence that implicates a key political ally of the governor in criminal activity, then that simply means there is routine corruption.

  • A new study shows unborn children can sense how their mothers are feeling:

    Researchers at the University of California-Irvine recruited pregnant women and checked them for depression before and after the mothers delivered their babies. They also tested the babies after delivery to see how their development was progressing.

    What appeared to matter most, according to their finding, was a consistent environment. The babies who fared best were those born to mothers who were either not depressed both before and after birth, or those who were depressed both before and afterwards. When mothers’ moods shifted from to depression to healthy or from healthy to depression, the change appeared to slow development of their babies….

    “We believe the human fetus is an active participant in its own development and is collecting information for life after birth,” said Curt A. Sandman, one of the authors and an emeritus professor of psychiatry and human behavior at UC-Irvine. “It’s preparing for life based on messages the mom is providing.”

  • Feministe blogger Jill Filipovic (who is sadly becoming almost an Amanda Marcotte clone in her writing style) is living in her own reality. As evidence, she writes:

    But women’s rights have been bad for anyone who thinks that the only option for women should be to stay home and raise as many children as God gives her. That, obviously, is not the majority of the American public, as evidenced by what the American public actually does. But it is the majority of the American pro-life leadership (which, of course, is distinct from individual voters who identify as pro-life).

    The evidence for this wild assertion? … Crickets chirping. It’s so strange how someone like Jill can act so nice in a co-interview with Feminists for Life President Serrin Foster but then write such venom. Is that what the Guardian requires of columnists? Thoughtless, argument-free pro-choice babble?

    Hilariously, this comes less than 2 weeks after the Washington Post wrote a story on the feminine face of the pro-life movement. Yep – Marjorie Dannenfelser, Charmaine Yoest, Penny Nance, Shannon Royce and Kristan Hawkins (not to mention the numerous female state-level pro-life leaders) are just staying home and having 12 kids each. Do pro-choicers actually believe this garbage?

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