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  • Herman Cain has signed Susan B. Anthony List’s Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge.
  • CNN has an article on a clinical trial using fetal stem cellsfrom an aborted child in an attempt to treat ALS:

    In an operation than lasted about four hours, [the patient] received five injections into the cervical, or neck, area of his spinal cord, each delivering 100,000 cells. The cells came from Maryland-based biotech company Neuralstem, which is funding this clinical trial and devised a procedure to grow millions and millions of motor neuron cells from the donated spinal cord tissue of an 8-week-old aborted fetus.

  • In the UK, updated figures from the Department of Health show that Britain is spending much more than they originally thought on abortion: Campaigners say the new calculations provide more reason to stop the organisations that offer counselling to pregnant women also performing terminations, which are now estimated to cost £680 each [$1064 USD], on the grounds that it represents a conflict of interest.

    They are calling for spending watchdogs to investigate why Parliament was “misled” over the scale of the “abortion industry”….

    Under the updated figures, taxpayers spent £118m on abortions in 2010 [$184M USD], of which £75m [$117M] went to private clinics and just £44m [$69M]to NHS bodies.

    The total number of terminations carried out in England rises from 136,000 to 173,000 and the cost of each one from £660 to £680 [$1033 to $1064] under the revised figures.

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