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  • At the Prospect, E.J. Graff displays a typical rant from a pro-choicer completely uninformed about fetal development. This is embarrassing:

    [At 10 weeks] I see an embryo, the size of a pinkie, that couldn’t survive even in the most intensive NICU. It doesn’t have a working brain, internal organs, or lungs that could function under any circumstances. It’s a mush of rapidly dividing cells with enormous potential to be a human, if nothing intervenes, like a miscarriage or a D&C. But to me, that uninhabited scrunch of cells is no more human than an acorn is an oak tree. And so I don’t agree that “it’s barbaric to kill 1 million babies a year,” since I do not see a baby in that one ounce of tissue. I don’t think women who choose abortion have committed murder, or anything even close. I think they scraped out some extra tissue that could have become babies but were not yet.

    This is what an unborn child looks like when he or she weighs about an ounce and is slightly longer than my pinkie. Not quite a “mush” or “uninhabited scrunch” of cells without a working brain or internal organs.

  • Steven Massof (pictured left), another former employee of Kermit Gosnell, will plead guilty today for his role in the deaths of children who survived abortions: 

    A person with knowledge of the plea agreement says medical school graduate Steven Massof will plead guilty to two counts of third-degree murder and other charges.

    Two murder counts typically bring a mandatory life term in Pennsylvania. But a judge could give the suburban Pittsburgh man a reduced sentence for his plea or potential cooperation.

    Massof is charged in the deaths of two babies prosecutors say were born alive.

  • A group in Kansas raising money to start an abortion clinic in Wichita claims they have half the money they need to open up a clinic. They say they’re on track to open sometime in 2012. The article also notes that wannabe abortionist Mila Means’ efforts to start a clinic haven’t gone anywhere.
  • Survivor winner Ethan Zohn’s Hodgkin’s lymphoma has returned. He’ll undergo chemotherapy and hopes to receive a stem cell transplant from his brother.

[Photo via Kermit Gosnell Crimes]

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