They deceived from the moment of their conception, pardon the pun, by stating they were Mississippians for Healthy Families. In actuality two of the group’s three organizing officers were CEOs of Planned Parenthoods in other states, and the third was the executive director of ACLU of Mississippi, certainly not family-oriented.

Since then the lies they’ve told about Initiative 26, Mississippi’s personhood amendment. have been too numerous to recount.

But today the group got about as close to incurring a “cease and desist” order as it could possibly get, from none other than Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

Barbour demanded they stop making robo-calls to voters insinuating Barbour opposes Initiative 26. Listen to the call here.  Here’s Barbour’s public statement. I only wish he would have named the group…

By all accounts the measure may pass, which would be an amazing victory.  But the other side is pulling out all stops to sink it. They realize the ramifications are enormous.

I see Gov. Barbour just tweeted on this, too. Good for him.

[HT: Keith Mason of Personhood USA; photos at top of post (click to enlarge) of Mississippians for Healthy Family officers, are: Kay Scott, CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast, pictured with Jane Fonda’s pretty awful face-lift; Barry Chase, CEO of Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region; and Nsombi Lambright, Executive Director of ACLU of Mississippi. There are no Planned Parenthoods in Mississippi, btw.]

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