New organization will help block pro-choice speakers from Catholic facilities and functions

pro-choiceYou may not have noticed, but since May 17, 2009, no Catholic organization has dared invite President Barack Obama to speak.

This is because none want to be a Notre Dame II, the university that paid a high price in battered PR and withheld donations for inviting the outspoken abortion proponent to give its commencement address that year.

Pro-life groups across the country united to fly an “abortion plane,” erect billboards, and protest by the thousands on the day of the event.

The Notre Dame effort ended up having a “pay it forward” impact about Obama and probably other high profile abortion proponents, which is great.

But such a huge, concerted effort is unusual. Across the country, contrary to instructions by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to deny pro-abortion speakers access to Catholic churches and campuses, it still happens without so much attention – a lot.

Meanwhile pro-lifers in Michigan, led by Dave Theisen of Real Estate for Life, and Dr. Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, have led or advised several successful efforts to block pro-abortion speakers.

The key, they say, is to conduct an orchestrated, comprehensive effort.

Now Theisen and Miller have formed Operation Sacred Soil, to help faithful Catholics around the country who encounter this dilemma at their church or university.

Operation Sacred Soil’s website lists several steps that must be taken – in order – to succeed.

Theisen and Miller also stand ready to lend advice.

[Top photo, via CNS/Reuters, shows Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins with President Obama]

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