… [T]he campaign to define personhood is a strategy of desperation.  America’s cultural and political elite has spent years promoting abortion by means foul and fair. 

Abortion advocates value sexual freedom more than the life which may result from sexual freedom.  For many of them, life is cheap and disposable, with an “unwanted” baby but an inconvenience to be swept away.  There is no other “person” or interest to acknowledge, let alone respect….

Still, whether a baby is a separate “person” or not, abortion advocates maintain that women have the right to eliminate it at will.  That would be the case if the fetus was simply a growth.  That also would be the case if the baby showed up uninvited.  However, except in the case of rape, pregnancy is preceded by an important voluntary act:  sex.

Such [personhood] measures are imperfect.  However, the judicial takeover of the issue has left pro-life advocates with no choice.

~ Doug Bandow, Forbes, October 31

[Photo via Secular ProLife]

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