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  • Accepting Abundance points out an abortion clinic advertising “gentle abortions” with “no pain” and “no memory.” The same clinic also advertises the reportedly “rare” late-term abortions up to 24 weeks, which is curious because usually businesses want to advertise that which is most in demand. Why advertise such a “rare” type of abortion – unless it isn’t quite so rare?

  • Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights without Frontiers denounces Relativity Media – the same production company responsible for exposing the human rights abuses in Sudan in Machine Gun Preacher – for filming a movie in the city of Linyi, despite knowing that Chinese officials there are responsible for the mistreatment and imprisonment of blind activist Chen Guangcheng. Chen publicly decried China’s One-Child Policy.
  • Stand for Life features a chilling undercover phone call with a New Mexico abortion clinic, which reveals a $16k abortion of a 30-week-old child with Down syndrome would be covered by Medicaid – in other words, funded by taxpayers. The call was staged and recorded by Operation Rescue:


  • Suzy B has an update on the 12 New Jersey nurses who filed suit after being threatened with termination for refusing to participate in abortions.
  • John Smeaton welcomes the idea of a 7 billion world population:

    Economies continue to expand, productivity is up, and pollution is declining. Life spans are lengthening, poverty is down, and political freedom is growing. The human race has never been so well off. In fact, underpopulation, not overpopulation, is the real threat that much of the world faces today. Some 80 countries representing over half the world’s population suffer from below replacement fertility defined as less than 2.1 children per woman.

  • National Pro-Life Radio tells the story of a North Carolina couple who was repeatedly pressured to selectively abort one of their triplets because the obstetrician thought taking care of them all would be overwhelming. They switched doctors and carried all three to 36 weeks, when they were delivered at healthy birth weights. The family is pictured left, with their au pair and their older son.
  • Wesley J. Smith and Secular ProLife examine the reactions of mainstream media, the pro-life movement, and the abortion industry regarding the upcoming vote on the Mississippi Personhood Amendment. Smith points out:

    The law doesnít only reflect our values, it molds them. A law that gave full moral and legal inclusion to unborn life would be profoundly subversive to a reigning social order that not only doesnít wish to include embryos and fetuses in the moral community, but wants to kick certain categories of born humans out of membership (even as some seek to expand moral inclusion to flora and fauna).

  • ProWomanProLife reports that the trespassing charges brought against a pro-life club at Carleton College for sponsoring a Genocide Awareness Project have been dropped. However, inexplicably, the judge has ordered the club students to pay over $21K for the college’s legal fees.
  • Real Choice chronicles the post-Roe death of a tubal ligation patient who was found to be pregnant. The doctor offered a two-for-one visit – abortion and the tubal – and ended up perforating her bowel and shrugging off serious post-surgery complications. After her death, he denied the abortion, claiming instead to have performed a D&C after a miscarriage. So much for safe and legal.
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin announces the endorsement of the Wisconsin Personhood Amendment by Wisconsin Family Action, an affiliate of Focus on the Family.
  • Timmerie’s Blog encourages pro-lifers to register to vote, and tells youth to be a voice, even if they aren’t yet of voting age:


[Photo via National Pro-Life Radio]

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