It has been a week of traumatic but good change for this old PC user.

I had been planning to make the move to Mac during Christmas vacation, when son-in-law and Mac user Andy would be home to help.

I intended to get a laptop, but receiving an iPad from hubby Rich for Christmas prompted an unanticipated change of plans.

Both SIL and Apple suggested I get a desktop instead and use my iPad for portable needs.

So that’s what we did this past Monday, and while Andy’s free time since has been spent moving my files and accounts, my free time has been spent taking online tutorials.

I also decided to abandon Comcast email for Apple mail and Firefox for Safari. I thought streamlining as much to Apple as possible would also streamline both electronic and mental syncing, including to my iPhone.

So needless to say, my 14 years of computer knowledge – limited to begin with – have been shaken to their new Apple core.

We hope to iron out all the kinks in all the electronic systems by Monday. Ironing out the kinks in my brain is another matter. But I’m working on it. This is all actually fun. I’m enjoying Apple’s intuitiveness.

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