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  • Planned Parenthood has opened a new office in Johnson City, Tennessee and is relocating an abortion clinic in Waco, Texas.
  • The Rockford abortion clinic which failed two inspections in a row can reopen if they pay a fine of $9,750. If they pay the fine and reopen, they can be shut down if 2012 inspections find any of the deficiencies found in 2011 inspections. Or they can pay a $1,000 fine and close.

    RH Reality Check’s Robin Marty thinks violations like not having a nurse in the operating room and abortionists not having privileges with licensed hospitals have “very little to do with the actual services that it provides.”

  • For some reason, Jill at Feministe seems to think the fact that cells from the unborn child cross over the placenta and stay in the child’s mother for years is somehow helpful to proving that the unborn aren’t distinct, unique human beings.

    She presents no argument, so I’m struggling to see why she would think cells from Human Being A existing in Human Being B proves that Human Being A isn’t a distinct, unique human being. Transferred organs with the DNA of distinct, unique human beings live in other human beings for years. Does that prove organ donors aren’t distinct, unique human beings?

      The web page she links to also hurts the ol’ “fetus is a parasite” argument as it notes the cells from the unborn child inside the mother help the mother:

      … [S]ome fetal cells can also “migrate to injury sites” and speed up healing, as well as minimize scars after pregnancy and normalize skin structure — meaning that baby is helping to restore mommy!

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