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  • John Smeaton posts on North Carolina’s reparations to its past victims of state-mandated eugenic sterilization:

    Hundreds of women… forcibly sterilised under a now-defunct North Carolina eugenics programme are set to receive US$50,000 each in compensation. The state task-force which determined the sum said it was not seeking to place a value on people’s lives…. Such programmes were promoted by Margaret Sanger, the founder of the worldwide abortion movement.

  • Wesley J. Smith explains why he opposes using graphic abortion ads during the Super Bowl.
  • Soapbox Five muses that while society attempts to paint sex as “no big deal,” its effects on our culture tell a different story.
  • ProWomanProLife applauds Lorne Gunter’s National Post comment regarding the recent decision regarding Texas’ informed consent/sonogram law. Gunter writes:

    The default position of pro-choicers… amounts to a belief that abortion is always the right choice for women who have given it even a moment’s consideration. Once a woman has so much as considered the possibility of abortion, any effort to change her mind – or even just to give her more information to consider – is an attempt to limit her freedom of choice. A woman who doesn’t go through with her impulse to abort is a woman who has fallen victim to some sort of pro-life plot against her rights.

  • At Pro-Life Action League, John Jansen discusses Feministe writer Jill Filipovic’s strange perspective on microchimerism (the process by which cells from an unborn baby cross over the placenta and remain in the mother’s body):

    I’m not sure why Jill said anything about fetal cells living in pregnant women’s bodies. These “fun facts” do absolutely nothing to advance the “pro-choice” argument that the embryo/fetus/unborn baby really is not a human being. On the contrary, they rather undercut it.

  • Secular Pro-Life features a guest post by Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life, which questions why popular culture puts gay rights above preborn rights. She notes how the recent ABC GOP debate questions regarding gay rights were asked from a more “human” and “emotional” standpoint, while the abortion questions were framed in a more “aloof” or “constitutional rights” manner.
  • Reflections of a Paralytic has information and video from Canada’s Campaign Life Coalition, which has launched a media campaign against the B.C. Civil Liberties Association’s attempt to overturn the country’s ban on euthanasia and assisted suicide:


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