On January 23 CNN’s Piers Morgan interrogated pro-life Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on his position that there be no abortion exceptions for rape and incest, using an emotional appeal that in my opinion was way out of bounds:

You know, if you have a daughter that came to you who had been raped…. and was pregnant and was begging you to let her have an abortion, would you really be able to look her in the eye and say, no, as her father?

As an aside, Santorum handled the question well, one of the reasons I support him for president.

But journalists never delve into the issue with pro-abortion candidates. Never.  If only.

About the  disparity Tim Graham at NewsBusters wrote:

This is not a tactic they’ve tried on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Can you imagine a liberal interviewer asking if they would accompany their daughter to the clinic? Or what they would do if the daughter regretted their abortion? No, only the pro-lifers get this hardball.

Peter Heck at American Thinker suggested his own counter-questions for Obama:

Morgan’s disgraceful retreat from sound logic to the manipulative playground of emotion-driven passions is as transparent as it is embarrassing.  This question is designed not to reveal any truth in the abortion debate, but rather, it is a tactical scheme made for the cameras in which the liberal questioner puts the conservative respondent in a corner.  If Santorum says he would deny his daughter’s pleas, he looks like the cold and heartless goon that Morgan believes him to be.  If he says he would relent and allow his daughter an abortion, he surrenders his moral high ground and appears a hypocrite.

And though Santorum answered the question effectively, stating that he “would do what every father must do…try to counsel your daughter to do the right thing,” there’s a greater point to be made here.  Liberal politicians never have to answer such outrageous emotionalism in their interviews.

Can you imagine, for example, Barack Obama being called on his condemnation of former President Bush’s advanced interrogation techniques with this challenge: “If Sasha and Malia were kidnapped and were being held and brutally tortured by terrorists, and we captured one of their accomplices who had knowledge of their secret hideout, would you not authorize any force necessary to get your girls back?”  Can you fathom the outcry against such a loaded, sensationalized question?

Or compare apples to apples and envision Obama being quizzed by Piers Morgan: “So if you believe that partial-birth abortion is a legitimate medical procedure that violates no moral law, would you be willing to inject the saline into your own daughter’s womb to burn your grandchild alive?”  Such outrageously aggressive and offensively personal questioning would have Morgan looking for work within a week.

Heck mixed abortion procedures on his last question. The more appropriate question would be: “If you believe that partial-birth abortion is a legitimate medical procedure that violates no moral law, would you have approved of delivering either or both of your full-term daughters – if Michelle decided that to raise them would pose a mental problem – breech up to the neck, stabbing the back of the neck with a sharp instrument, suctioning her brains out, collapsing the skull with forceps, and delivering her dead?”

Recall ABC’s George Stephanopoulos also pressed weirdly too far on the contraception issue with Republican presidential candidates during a debate on January 7…

I can envision dozens of questions all over the pro-life spectrum that should be asked of Obama, including some on his continued support of Planned Parenthood in the face investigative videos and long-term evidence of institutional malfeasance.

What questions on the pro-life issue do you think President Obama should be asked in a debate?

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