Ads showing the graphic reality of abortion have begun airing during Super Bowl pre-game shows in various parts of the country.

Three pro-life activists registered as federal candidates have placed ads in 11 metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. to air during the Super Bowl and/or during pre- and post-game shows as well as during NBC news broadcasts tonight and tomorrow morning.

As previously reported, federal law stipulates television stations must air ads submitted by federal candidates uncensored.

Due to attempted interference by the Obama machine, Democrat presidential candidate Randall Terry, Democrat congressional candidate Angela Michael, and Republican congressional candidate David Lewis will not publicize where the ads ran until tomorrow.

But comments – pro and con – are coming in to their sites…

To Terry from PBerg:

Remember one thing, Mr. Perry ! You just witnessed what happens when an org cuts off funding to Planned Parenthood, and how immediate and forceful the action was against it. Komen will never recover from this. The day that you and your ilk start on Roe v Wade—-the rope will come out and there will be lynching the like of which you have never seen. I do not know what is lacking in men like you, that you feel you must control women and their bodies, but the days of females LETTING you get away with it are over. BEWARE !

To Lewis from Foster:

Children understand it’s wrong to kill children, it’s the adults that have the problem.

To Michael from Donna Mills said:

I am sitting here watching the Super Bowl per-game show having a nice day with my family and we are all of a sudden subjected to your awful commercial. This is the most horrible display of politicians trying to shock us into not voting for another candidate. I am a republican that most definately did not vote for Obama but I am also pro choice. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being!

To Lewis from Anonymous:

Thank you for showing these ads! This is exactly what people need to see. May God change the hearts and minds of those who support this holocaust.

Terry has messages on his site for post-abortive parents, pro-lifers, and those considering themselves “pro-choice.” There is also, “What do you say to small children who have seen this ad?”

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