The costs to society of caring for the disabled are small when compared with the cost to society of failing to deal with the morally defective; and the essential difference between a barbaric tyranny and an optimally free, just and civilized society is that the former encourages the strong to prey upon the vulnerable with impunity; in the latter, the strong are encouraged to use their advantages to protect and assist the vulnerable….

When the state, in collusion with the medical community, arrogates to itself the prerogative of determining, based on “quality of life” and not a legitimate conviction of capital crime, what lives are and are not “worthy of life”, the doors are wide opened to the horrors of Auschwitz, Dachau… and worse.

~ Commenter jtm, on Stanek Quote of the Day, “Rick is right: Prenatal genetic testing increases eugenic abortions,” February 23

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