I just love that photo, courtesy of Statesman.com. But we already knew the other side is a grumpy bunch.

On February 17, four student groups plus the local Planned Parenthood combined forces, such as they were, to hold a pro-free-contraceptive rally at the University of Texas Austin.

This was an initial test of the new pro-abortion strategy of switching topics from abortion to contraception.

And even with a big name like Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Cecile Richards as the keynote (in her own hometown, no less), the synergized efforts of Law Students for Reproductive Justice, Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region, Texas Freedom Network Student Chapter, University Democrats, and Voices for Reproductive Justice could only muster a crowd of 150, according to school newspaper The Horn (to be fair, 160, according to UT Democrats).

Meanwhile, The Horn reported 50 pro-lifers  present in protest. Here’s a screen shot of both groups…

 I don’t know. Looks like pro-lifers were almost as well represented as pro-aborts. And with no promise on our end of free t-shirts and “HUGE tents” to protect from the elements. (Desperate much? Overpromise much?)…

 The tremendous volume of regrets on their Facebook page is also an interesting read.

But yes, we all know rain can be a crowd killer, as we observed at the 2012 March for Life

 Again, and as we all know, abortion proponents do not have the grassroots support pro-lifers have, even when trying to move from abortion to contraception. This is our strength.

I might also add that even the numbers they show are falsely inflated, since those numbers are sure to include paid Planned Parenthood staff.

I’m reminded of happening upon a small band of pro-abort protesters at the Capitol Hill Hyatt the night of the Rose Dinner after this year’s March. I asked the woman holding the sign, right (click to enlarge – sorry about the quality – I took the photo with my iPhone), if she had been paid to protest. She refused to answer me. If she had taken the trouble to protest of her own volition, she would have been proud to say so.

[Photo of 2012 March for Life via CBS News]

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