One of my favorite tweeters for the other side is RabblePro-Choice. She’s like a wild-eyed pro-abort terrier.

Last week Rabble went after pro-lifer marylikesbagles, who had posted the following video with the invitation, “Everyone who believes in abortion should watch this video. It’s only 30 seconds anyways.”

Apparently Rabble thought all the hyperbolic use of pro-“choice” euphemisms in the video is really the way the world should be.  I’m not sure Rabble even understood the point of the video, which is that if an offspring of the species homosapien is wanted she’s called a “baby” and if  unwanted she’s called any number of nonhuman terms.  Actually, I’m not sure I understand what all Rabble was mad about. Maybe you do?…

I’m embarrassed for you.

Calling it a baby is not biologically accurate. Don’t act like the anti-choice side doesn’t use manipulative language. Calling it a baby is not only inaccurate, it’s manipulative and you f**ing know it.

People who get abortions don’t go around throwing themselves baby showers or nesting up their nurseries. This whole “ad” is an exercise in “spot the manipulation”, ESPECIALLY with all of the visibly pregnant women in it. Most people aren’t even showing when the majority of abortions are performed.



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