On March 7, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart invited Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards on his show.

Stewart didn’t pretend this was anything other than an advocacy interview. So his written questions were obviously submitted by Planned Parenthood. Richards anticipated every one of them.

I’ve never seen Richards more in her element; she was very good. I’ve said before, Planned Parenthood will never again have another Cecile Richards, like a Ronald Reagan of the abortion industry.

I’m posting the interview, even though the mountain of lies and spin will make your blood boil. I can’t even begin to counter all of them here. You’re welcome to take one or more on in the comments.

But we need to stay abreast of the other side’s talking points, both on the religious freedom issue, which they’re attempting to co-opt as a contraceptive issue, and on Planned Parenthood itself, which is trying to recover from deservedly brutal publicity.


The day after Richards’ interview, Planned Parenthood sent the clip to its email list with this (click to enlarge). Savvy marketing…

This was a smart strategy not only to raise money but also schmooze Stewart. Which brings me to my final point: Planned Parenthood/abortion-friendly media. (The Los Angeles Times didn’t even feign fairness when reporting on Richards’ appearance.)

The article below details PP’s understanding of the importance of media backing and shows how PP gets it. From a March 6 article sent to me by reader Marie

Dakar, Senegal – Twenty media practitioners from the print, electronic and online media will participate in the 8-10 March session being organized by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, to sensitize the media on issues of sexual health and reproductive health. According to IPPF, the session will enhance the understanding of the participants, to be drawn from across sub-Saharan Africa, on sexual health and reproductive issues.

It said media practitioners had been identified as key players due to their role in information dissemination, the raising of awareness and their mediation ability among different actors on sexual and reproductive health as well as rights related issues.

As I alluded to in a post earlier today, knowing the culture of death’s far-reaching tentacles would be daunting if the pro-life community did know we have God and history on our side and that truth and justice always eventually win.

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