The mainstream media is reporting that donations to Susan G. Komen for the Cure have dropped substantially in the wake of its decision and subsequent reversal to defund Planned Parenthood.

According to MSM, this must be due to disgruntled Planned Parenthood supporters, for instance this March 23 CBS News story:

“I wouldn’t want to be a part of an organization that had made such a terrible political mistake.”

Eve Ellis sat on Komen’s New York City board and raised more than a quarter million dollars but now says to restore trust top administrators including the national foundation’s board and founder and chief executive Nancy Brinker must leave.

“Besides being sad and besides being angry, I was also embarrassed because I had raised this money for an organization that seemed to be different from what I thought it was.”

Liberals must pursue this story line. The subliminal message is: Don’t mess with Planned Parenthood. It cannot be that pro-life withdrawal of support is the – or even a – problem.  It is apparently inconceivable that pro-lifers previously unaware of Komen’s relationship with PP might be backing away. From NPR, March 26:

People who were upset enough to withdraw, of course, didn’t show up Sunday. Amarie Whetton, part of a women’s health group from Raytheon Missile Systems, says fewer people raced on her group’s team this year.

An insinuation, from the Associated Press, March 19:

But [Komen Arizona chapter executive director Jaimie] Leopold confirmed another reason for the drop is… lingering mistrust….

Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona has never received funding from the local organization because it has never applied. However, if it did, Planned Parenthood would be considered just like any other health-care providers that apply for grants….

“People, donors need to have confidence in where they put their money. We’ve been working to engage the community,” Leopold said. “We are committed to demonstrating we are a trustworthy philanthropy.”

The meme is also implied in photos, like this one in the Baltimore Sun

But here’s a flashback to February 2, two days after Planned Parenthood leaked the news that Komen was defunding PP, from the Daily Caller:

In the wake of this week’s announcement that Susan G. Komen for the Cure will no longer be awarding grants to Planned Parenthood, the breast cancer organization’s donations have gone up 100 percent in the last two days.

It would have gone the other way had liberal types withdrawn enough support to make a dent. In fact, pro-lifers who had withheld donations from Komen started to give. And then stopped, of course. An objective MSM would have more likely concluded Komen’s new fundraising woes were due to its continued connection to PP.

A Daily Mail blogger (of course, in the UK) pegged the likely scenario:

My take is pro-life women are upset with the cave-in to Planned Parenthood and sacking Komen….

Obviously, the pro-abortion crowd is not as big about supporting Komen. Liberals are less charitable with their money than conservatives are. Or maybe there are just more pro-life women.

Had Komen stuck to its guns, conservatives would have supported it and Komen’s coffers would have increased in size.

In reality, Komen has alienated both ends of the ideological spectrum now. But it would have fared better sticking with pro-lifers.

A little aside, from my inside source. When Komen announced its original decision, a pro-life leader organized people and groups to send flowers of thanks to Komen. In all, Komen received over three dozen flower arrangements. Poignantly, the flowers did not arrive until after Komen reversed its decision. They were placed in Komen’s DC office’s war room, where I’m told Nancy Brinker read every card. That must have garnered a little guilt.

But Brinker is pro-abortion, don’t forget. And she’s aligning herself with her abuser. From the Washington Post, March 29:

“No one likes a dust up,” said Brinker. “We’ve passed through this. [Planned Parenthood president] Cecile Richards came to Texas and said, ‘We like Komen. Let’s move on. We’re through this.’ But the residual effects in the media has been difficult.”

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