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  • Michael New examines the debate between Slate’s William Saletan and New York Times columnist Ross Douthat on the most effective way to reduce abortion rates.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin discusses Catholic-in-name-only professor Dan McGuire of Marquette University who lavishes praise on Planned Parenthood in his new book and is a “virtual atheist.” He is an emeritus member of PP Wisconsin and has been banned by Cardinal Dolan from all Archdiocesan churches. So why is this man still teaching at a Catholic university?
  • ProLife NZ points out the hypocrisy of decrying sex-selection abortions while painting the eugenic abortion of the disabled as justifiable and “compassionate.”
  • Moral Outcry writes about the move toward mandating abortion insurance coverage in Washington State. The National Abortion Federation thinks it’s “awesome” that taxpayers will have no choice in the matter.

  • John Smeaton discusses the Glasgow midwives (Mary Doogan and Concepta Wood, pictured left) who objected to assisting with abortions and have now been “told that they must… oversee other midwives performing abortions on the labour ward.”
  • Stand for Life has listings of different churches and organizations that support abortion. Some are surprising, as they are supposed to be advocates for children, yet they support the destruction of those children before birth.
  • Secular Pro-Life is looking for volunteers to go and request court records in certain locations in Virginia, California, and New York City.
  • Vital Signs features an excerpt from an article on the Obama Administration’s attacks on religious liberty.
  • Real Choice favors “right-to-redress bills, [which] would allow the woman to sue the pants off any abortionist for failing to provide adequate informed consent” over mandated ultrasound laws:

    … I think that most approaches pro-lifers take to ensuring informed consent, including new ultrasound laws, while well-intended and helpful, are a bit off-kilter. The two problems I see are:

    1. Giving abortionists too much wiggle room to circumvent the laws
    2. Placing power in the hands of the state rather than the hands of the citizen

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