It’s a decades-old question. How do we persuade abortion proponents?

Pro-choicer Julie was converted by the aborted babies themselves. I was just forwarded a video of Julie’s touching testimony, posted on YouTube March 1 by the Genocide Awareness Project. GAP came to the University of North Florida in 2009 and just made a return appearance, which was when Julie approached the team…


Epilogue, writes GAP: “During Open Mike, Julie asked for the microphone and announced to the crowd that our pictures had followed her home and changed her life.”

Wow, beautiful. We know that no matter how loudly the other side protests, showing the reality of abortion is effective.

Online and in conversation we spend a lot of time dialoguing. Reader Marie wrote me this week:

It really blows me away how volatile people become when you ask respectful questions about their thoughts on abortion.  I continue to get called all sorts of ugly names, and I enjoy asking people to reply with links that help me understand their assertions.  THEY NEVER DO!!!

I have had several people, after I posted the link to the Netherlands infanticide information, ask me if I don’t see a difference between a clump of cells and a newborn baby.  The question is, why do they?  And at which point do they see a difference?

Marie suggested some thought-provoking questions:

Do you agree that another adult should not be able to take a minor to obtain a nose job (or some other physical change)?  (of course linking into parental consents and why they inconvenience rapists)

At which age in fetal development (from conception until complete delivery from mother’s body) should an infant/fetus have a legally protected right to life?  (linking to infanticide piece)

Should we prosecute women who deliver infants at home and then kill them?  (linking to pieces you have written)

Do you think there would be any differences in the relationships of couples who use contraception and couples who practice Natural Family Planning?  (link to websites about NFP)

Do you support informing women of their legal rights in relation to their health care?  (in relation to abortionists telling women they can listen to the fetal heartbeat)

Marie concluded:

I have come to realize firsthand that some people are so poorly educated on these topics they will simply robotically repeat any talking points put out by PP.  It burns them up to be asked to clarify their opinions!  But I think by strategically planning questions that make them think we are showing them our respect and interest, we can really lead them into reflecting on the information they have been fed and have memorized from their PP leaders.

Do you have other thought-provoking questions to ask? Or a story to tell of a conversion of a friend or family member, and how it happened?

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