This was the week that wasn’t for the Doonesbury “ultrasound = rape” cartoon series in about 70 newspapers across the country. Several other newspapers only ran portions of the series, appearing to have to the most trouble with Thursday’s strip.

Now that the dust has settled, what do you think about Gary Trudeau’s political commentary on the topic? Click to enlarge…






Funny how Trudeau doesn’t end with the abortion. That would be the logical liberal conclusion, IMO: “She went through with it anyway.” But let’s not focus on the real atrocity, just the fake one.

In  interviews last week Trudeau mentioned the only previous series he had spiked was a mockery of the pro-life documentary, Silent Scream, in 1985, which shows an abortion on ultrasound (and which somehow provides symmetry to this week’s series, doesn’t it?).

Trudeau decided to rerelease that series, which you can view here. It’s an ironic series, because we are today debating abortifacients that kill babies conceived “12 minutes ago,” so to speak, as well as embryo research.

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