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  • Fletcher Armstrong responds to a recent article by Erin McCann opposing a Genocide Awareness Project display:

    Ms. McCann’s piece actually illustrates some of the very points we make with our GAP display….

    She notes that, “Isn’t it interesting how the male can do whatever he pleases, but the female must live with the consequence? Only the female is left with the decision between ‘right and wrong.’” Sadly true. Reminds me of something Mark Crutcher often says, “Abortion is something done by men, to women, for the benefit of men.” So many males — I cannot use the term “men” to describe such people — want sex without responsibility….

    But when cancer-causing birth-control hormones are passed out, who gets to ingest those? When the worst symptoms of STDs show up, who bears that burden? When somebody gets pregnant, which one is it? It’s always the woman.

    His response is often to threaten abandonment. It can be an overt threat or a thinly veiled one, such as, “It’s not my decision, it’s yours … Whatever you want to do.” In other words, “The decision… and especially the guilt that goes with it… are yours alone; I’m going to go hide somewhere until you get it taken care of.

  • Abortion in Washington highlights a LifeSiteNews article on a Seattle fertility clinic that advertises sex-selective services in conjunction with IVF. Their ad (pictured left) seems to target a certain population, featuring photos of children dressed in ethnic garb.
  • Down on the Pharm exposes President Obama’s “slush fund” in Medicare Advantage. $8B will be used to assure the program continues… until just after the November election:

    The current regime understands that if seniors lose this particular Medicare plan, and get funneled back into the standard plan, they’ll get upset and vote Obama out.

  • Abstinence Clearinghouse says Tennessee legislators recently approved a bill that will require abstinence education to be taught in public schools:

    The bill was introduced to address Tennessee’s high teen pregnancy rate.

    Abstinence education has continued to gain momentum in the past decade. With new strains of STDs and unplanned pregnancies becoming more and more common among teens, many law makers see the need to teach adolescents abstinence. “Safe sex” isn’t safe. Abstinence from sexual activity is the only 100% way not to get pregnant or contract an STD.

  • Big Blue Wave believes there is a right way and a wrong way to debate abortion online:

    When you debate abortion online, your purpose is not to convince the person you`re talking to. So DON’T EXPECT ANY MOVEMENT ON THEIR PART and that will lessen your frustration. Abortion supporters will cling to their opinion even in the face of facts and logic because they have a strong emotional reason for doing so. It’s not your job to be their personal psychologist. Don’t play arm chair psychologist and try to get them to spill the beans about their reasons. That doesn’t convince anyone.

    Your purpose is to persuade anyone who might be reading. Because online debates often have silent readers, either at the time of posting or later on when people find your discussion through search engines.

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