The new frontier in abortion restriction is writing laws governing why women are allowed to terminate their pregnancies. And they’re more popular than you might think….

So-called “motivation bans” have started small and without much controversy; at the federal level, a bill known as PRENDA aims to outlaw abortion based on the race or sex of the fetus and would allow parental or spousal intervention to stop a woman from aborting her pregnancy. Even though the bill nakedly sucks a**, the prospect of outlawing sex-selective abortion is a popular one — according to LifeSite News, more than 75% of Americans say they’d support a ban on the practice….

Earlier this year, the push to expand the list of “unacceptable reasons to have an abortion” to include fetal abnormality intensified. At a Catholic Church-sponsored conference this January, the anti-choice Family Research Council… devoted an entire day to discussing motivations of parents who chose abortion because of a genetic defect like Down Syndrome, and how the Faithful can fight for laws aiming to prevent the termination of these pregnancies.

~ Erin Gloria Ryan, Jezebel, Mary 24

[Graphic via Jezebel]

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