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  • Secular Pro-Life responds to the charge from abortion defender Amanda Marcotte that informed consent laws assume “women are too stupid to understand abortion” and are misogynistic:

    Informed consent laws do not operate on the assumption that women are stupid. They do, however, assume that abortion facilities cannot be trusted to provide full and accurate information in the absence of legislation. I’m perfectly fine with that assumption.

    Planned Parenthood abortion centers have been caught on tape distributing incredible lies about prenatal development; one counselor even went so far as to claim that an eight-week-old fetus has “no arms, no legs, no heart, no head, no brain.”

    In short, women aren’t too stupid to understand abortion – but abortion facilities are too greedy to explain it properly.

  • ProWomanProLife discusses billionaire Melinda Gates (pictured left), who has decided that despite her Catholic faith’s teaching on contraception, she finds it “morally necessary” to promote global contraception as she “tows the old population control issue.”
  • At National Review, Michael New has an article on a recent study which showed pro-life parental involvement laws reduce female teen suicide rates.
  • Wesley J. Smith shares thoughts on our culture’s “sense of entitlement” and the exploitation of women and children via IVF.
  • Mommy Life posts a parody of The Life of Julia. Interestingly, in the Life of Julia, President Obama appears to be President for life. Has this brain child backfired on the administration?
  • At the Center for Women of Faith in Culture, Sarah Flashing has an unfavorable review of author Rachel Held Evans’ soon-to-be-released book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood. In the book, Evans attempts to paint Christian bookstores and the evangelical community as misogynistic for not approving of her “edgy” work. Sarah Flashing urges readers to consider Evans’ previous interviews and work as examples of her “departure from orthodox Christianity”:

    I’m not sure what she has actually accomplished in all this other than a clear opportunity to be crass, to organize her readers to have further disdain for evangelicalism, to wear a Team Vagina t-shirt, or misrepresent biblical womanhood to unsuspecting readers. Until the book comes out, she hasn’t accomplished all this yet but RHE’s goals are well underway to meet her desired end.

  • Stand for Life posts an excellent video by Fr. Frank Pavone, who discusses the differences between religious freedom and relativism in our culture today:


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