Last week the Obama campaign unveiled a slideshow entitled, The Life of Julia,” which was intended to show how much Obama, via the American taxpayer, has done and plans to do for women.

An honest feminist would be insulted by “The Life of Julia,” because its basic assumption is that women are unable to make it on their own without the patriarchal government’s assistance from cradle to grave.

I have been pondering “The Reproductive Life of Julia” under the Obama administration and have developed my own slideshow.  Click on any of the individual slides in this post, and they will appear in enlarged slideshow format…

(View Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama’s vote in favor of K-12 comprehensive sex ed here, Obama’s endorsement of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States’ sex ed guidelines here, and the SIECUS material referred to above here.)

(View U.S. Senator Barack Obama’s vote against the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act here.)

(View funding for school health clinics in Obamacare here; that 1 in 5 teens have genital herpes here; that Romney would repeal Obamacare here; and that Romney would promote abstinence education here.)

(View ACOG study, which found that 9% of women get pregnant every year on the birth control pill, and 18-21% get pregnant using condoms here, and meta-analysis of 22 worldwide studies, published in British Journal of Medicine September 2011, which found mothers who have abortions experience an 81% increased risk pf mental health problems. Separate effects: increased risk for anxiety disorders 34%; for depression 37%; for alcohol use/abuse 110%; for  marijuana use/abuse 220%; and for suicide behaviors 155% here.)

(View risk of preterm birth after abortions here; Romney on Supreme Court justices here; and that Obama believes Constitution a “living document” here.)

(View Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama’s opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act here; and that induced abortions can lead to infertility here.)

(Read studies on the link between abortion/hormonal contraceptives and breast cancer here; view the 2009 study co-authored by National Cancer Institute’s chief of Environmental Epidemiology Branch finding a link between abortion/hormonal contraceptives and breast cancer here.)

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