Today Live Action released its fourth video investigating sex-selection abortion at nationwide Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation clinics.

This sting focused on two Planned Parenthoods in Hawaii, and just as with the others, staff condoned sex-selection abortions.

At the Maui Planned Parenthood, counselor Leslie Watson told the investigator there should be no judgement but rather, accommodation, for sex-selection abortions: “This is your reason and this is your situation. So they should be accommodating because this can help you determine and it’s nobody’s business and nobody’s reason but yours.”

In Honolulu, Planned Parenthood counselor Rogue told the investigator serial abortions of girl babies are okay as long as the abortions are spaced properly.

Rogue added that a mother can get her sex-selection abortion completely funded via the state Medicaid-funded Quest Hawai’i program.


The word “aloha” in Hawaii means both hello and good-bye. Hawaiian Planned Parenthoods give new meaning to “The Aloha State” when it comes to baby girls.

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