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  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life dissects and debunks the Guttmacher Institute’s disagreement with a recent Chilean study which showed that “[m]aternal mortality in Chile… is ‘not related to the legal status of abortion.'”
  • SoapboxFive notes Planned Parenthood’s willing participation in sex-selective abortion worldwide – despite their public statements against it – which actually contributes to the continued oppression of women in male-dominated societies.

  • At Moral Outcry, Susan Tyrrell discusses the failure of the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act and what it says about our nation:

    By refusing to pass such a law because it could add too many regulations or be too political, our leaders are saying that we should allow this killing to continue. Abortion, proponents insist, is something that is often “medically necessary” and should be a woman’s choice because it could be difficult. However, our nation has taken a stance by saying women should have that choice even if they don’t like the baby’s sex, that it is, in essence, all right to kill a five month old child who is viable and would feel pain, because you don’t want it to be the sex he or she is.

    Of all the discriminatory, godless, abhorrent, selfish, cruel decisions, the message behind this one sits at the top of the despicable list and should not be tolerated by constituents of these who have failed to exercise a spine in an election year while the dragon of Planned Parenthood breathes down their neck.

  • At The New Feminism, Marjorie Murphy Campbell asks some pointed questions regarding women and contraception, and discusses why she feels the “war on women” rhetoric doesn’t resonate.
  • Secular Pro-Life challenges the popular pro-choice mantra, “No Uterus, No Opinion.”
  • Wesley J. Smith refutes the mother’s arguments made in the recent Obama campaign ad, “Dreams of Our Daughters,” and ends with this statement:

    At the end of the ad, the mother says, “The dreams of all our daughters are at stake.” If they are allowed to be born, she could have added. You see, President Obama opposes banning sex selection abortions. Now that, it seems to me, should be the real controversy!

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