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  • Stand True reports the Melinda Gates Family Planning Summit tried to eject Wendy Wright, who was there representing C-FAM, when she was recognized by abortion proponents:

    Attendance at the conference has been tightly controlled. Only supporting governments and organizations have been allowed into the event. All non-governmental attendees had to be approved by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which has been organizing “civil society” participation. IPPF has refused admittance to any group that is critical of the Gates family planning initiative which intends to raise $6 billion to target poor women for population control programs.

    John Smeaton believes that though Gates (pictured left, with Microsoft-founder husband Bill) has publicly stated she does not want her $4B donated toward family planning in third-world countries to go toward abortion, it likely will anyway:

    When “contraceptive failure” occurs, and a baby is conceived, family planning NGOs will promote chemical or surgical abortion as a back-up. Far from avoiding abortions, the Gates family planning summit may increase the number. Increasing contraceptive prevalence may often increase abortion rates, contrary to expectations.

  • Stand for Life lists 15 things pro-lifers can do to “wake up” churches to the pro-life issue.
  • Secular Pro-Life highlights the International Down Syndrome Coalition, “a religiously- and politically-neutral organization dedicated to supporting individuals with Down syndrome and their families.”
  • ProWomanProLife wonders why most pro-choice blogs are anonymous, since abortion advocates are supposedly “testifying to the normalcy and neutrality of abortion,” and suggests that blogging anonymously may hurt your credibility. The comments section is particularly interesting.
  • ProLife NZ brings to light the disturbing trend toward stifling free speech (in particular, pro-life speech) on college campuses around the world.

  • The New Feminism addresses women who seem to believe that babies are “accessories,” and who “juggl[e] the ‘baby option’ with the ‘mortgage option,’ the ‘cruise option’ or the ‘new job option’:

    Our young women are entitled to the truth, not an illusion. Having a child may well be something a woman decides not to do, but it’s not an item you can expect to juggle like a new job, mortgage or car, a function of timing, dollars and favorable government programs. No, babies are not an accessory. A baby will take your life away from you – and hand back something so unexpected and magnificent that you will tear up your youthful To Do with a laugh, infused with the stunning wisdom nurturing women share.

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