Warning: Vulgarity ahead.

I wrote last week that a Newsweek article favorable to the personhood movement and personhood leaders Keith and Jennifer Mason had “riled abortion proponents.” Little did I know how much.

Someone posted Mason’s home address in a comment to the Newsweek article. Newsweek closed down comments, but it was too late. At 1:30a on June 27, Mason “was in the basement, catching a movie and having a beer, to just chill,” according to a follow-up Newsweek piece, when he heard a loud noise:

“[I] thought one of our kids had fallen down the stairs.” Mason says he ran upstairs from the basement, then “ran through a bunch of glass” and “saw red.” He describes the scene as “surreal – I didn’t know if it was blood on the glass or what. It turned out to be spray paint. There was red paint all over the side of our house. They spray-painted coat-hangers all over my sidewalk and door. We called 911. The police were there within three minutes.”

Mason and his family immediately left their home and are now staying at an undisclosed location. Mason didn’t go public with the attack until July 2, after he had ensured the safety of his family.

Now, according to Mason in an email to me, he has “hired security, been forced to move, and are getting further daily threats.” And not a lot of sympathy. A sample of both in the (now closed) comments section of the follow-up Newsweek post:

Whether this is deemed a terrorist attack or hate crime will be up to the FBI, which is now involved.

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